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In the Garden of Hildegard is a multi-artistic series of events in which musicians Anna-Sofia Anttonen and Nanna Ikonen and visual artist Sanna Hellikki Turunen interpret the life’s work, compositions, research, visions and art of the 12th-century nun Hildegard of Bingen. In addition to Hildegard, the source of inspiration for the project has been another of her contemporaries, the nun Herrad of Landsberg and the Hortus Deliciarum encyclopedia compiled by her, which sought to promote women’s education.

Anttonen and Ikonen’s compositions, arrangements and improvisations stem from Hildegard’s life and music. In addition to saxophones, there are instruments built from garden hoses and soundscapes built with live electronics. Sanna Hellikki Turunen’s illustration art appears as part of the visual look of the event. In addition, the starting point for Turunen’s artistic work has been the illustrations of mystical visions created by Hildegard in the 12th century. Fine art is on display at events and is combined with music in various ways. Medieval music and experimental contemporary music can be enjoyed in the urban scenery from near or far, for a moment or as long as you wish.

Rosarum 31.7.2021

Rosarum, the first part of the events, happens in the Winter Garden. The performances happen around the garden at unpredictable times between 2 – 4 pm. One can stop to listen to the music from near or far distance or just pass by and continue one’s own journey. More information about the venue.

at 2-4 
The Winter Garden
Hammarskjöldintie 1 A, 00250 Helsinki
Free admission

Viriditas 14.-15.8.2021

Viriditas is the second part of the In the Garden of Hildegard project. It creates a journey through the gardens and yards of Helsinki on August 14–15, 2021. The citizens of Helsinki can participate in Viriditas, an urban music and art experience. The performances take place in locations suggested to us by the citizens in different parts of Helsinki. One performance lasts about 20 minutes.

You can follow the performances from near or further distances. Bring your own picnic blanket and choose a comfortable spot or move freely around the area.

You can come and listen to as many performances as you wish, since they’ll all be a little bit different. We’ll move around with bicycles and might stop by and play some music in the middle of the route as well. We recommend transporting to the locations by feet, bicycle or public transport. 

at 2-4 
The Winter Garden
Hammarskjöldintie 1 A, 00250 Helsinki
Free admission

Saturday 14th of August

  • 12–12.30 am Kulmakatu 1, courtyard, Kruununhaka (private)
  • 2–2.30 pm  Sinerbychoff Park, Punavuori
  • 4–4.30 pm Kivinokka Beach, Herttoniemi
  • 6–6.30 pm Mäyrä Park, Herttoniemi (Mäyrätie 3)
  • 8–8.30 pm Roihuvuori Japanese Garden (Roihuvuorentie 12-16)

Sunday 15th of August

  • 12–12.30 am Annala Garden, Vanhakaupunki (Hämeentie 154)
  • 2–2.30 pm Haltiala Farm (Laamannintie 17)
  • 4–4.30 pm Mätäoja Dock, Kannelmäki (Polkkakuja)
  • 6–6.30 pm The Haaga Rhododendron Park (Laajasuontie 37)
  • 8–8.30 pm Jehoshaphat’s Rocks, Alppiharju

Hortus 28.8.2021

Hortus is the third part of the series of the In the Garden of Hildegard events. It happens in the Kumpula Botanic Garden during the Finnish Nature Day on August 28th. The performances happen around the garden at unpredictable times between 3 – 6 pm. 

You can follow the performances from near or further distances, stop by or stay longer. More information about the venue.

klo 15-18 
Kumpulan kasvitieteellinen puutarha
Jyrängöntie 2, 0056

at 3-6 pm
Kumpula Botanic Garden
Jyrängöntie 2, 00560 Helsinki
Free admission

Please come to the events only in good health without any COVID-19 symptoms, keeping a safe distance to others and practicing good hand hygiene.

Little rain showers won’t cancel the events. In case of heavier rain, we’ll inform you about the cancellations or changes of timetables here and on social media.

The Winter Garden, City of Helsinki
Kumpula Botanic Garden
Our work is possible with the support from Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki – Culture and Leisure Department, Musiikin edistämissäätiö – Mes and Kuvittajat ry.